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Client services

Executive Assessment / Management Audit

Our associates are above all psychologists; some of them at the same time work at the Department of Psychology and Sociology at University of Economics, Prague. Reflecting current needs of companies we use traditional as well as modern methods of psychological testing.

Our services:
  1. Assessment Centre/Development Centre – programs designed for complex assessment of personality qualities and competences of potential or current employees focused on planning of professional development and career management (psychological testing and simulations are used).
  2. Employee Surveys focused on opinions and attitudes of employees to various aspects of company life providing the company management with objective review of employees´ perspective and possible needs for change.
  3. Projects/Audits of HR Systems focused on design/revision of HR processes providing the company management with methodical guidance/information about current state of people management in the company.

AC/DC is usually realized as one day program. The optimal number of participants in one group is up to 6 persons; assessment of applicants can be also done individually. Performance of participants is observed and evaluated by our experts as well as HR managers and eventually also managers from the company (usually 2-3 persons): The AC/DC concludes with a conference of observers. During the conference we discuss competences of all participants and assess their performance. Our experts then prepare reports (on each participant) for the company management. This methodical approach is also used for internal employee selection for example during organizational restructuring, merging or for talent management.

Realization of AC/DC

To prepare AC/DC there is necessary (in cooperation with company management) to:
  1. select AC/DC participants and determine the purpose and objectives of AC/DC,
  2. specify job requirements of actual and/or presumed positions,
  3. prepare and discuss the AC/DC program to be „tailor made“,
  4. define the organization of AC/DC,
  5. designate observers.
AC/DC involves psychological testing as well as simulations (such as role play, cases, team work etc.) which are based on typical working situations. As criteria for evaluation we use job description of actual and/or the presumed position.

At the end of the day participants are provided with feedback from psychological testing and simulations. The company management then obtains reports from psychological testing and observations with assessment of participants and recommendations for their personal and career development.