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Executive Search

„Retained executive search is a specialized form of management consulting conducted through an exclusive engagement with a client organization. Its prime goal is to assist the client in identifying, recruiting and retaining senior executive talent. Executive search is a critical management tool that, when used correctly, can add significant value to organizations by assisting management teams in achieving their business objectives.
Retained executive search is a sophisticated process which can significantly impact the lives of organizations and individual senior executives. It relies upon mutual trust, confidence, cooperation and professional business practices among the search firm, the client and candidates. To achieve an optimum result, the search process must be understood by all parties.“

Executive Search Charter - AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants)

Constellation offers you a front edge alternative to basically very conservative traditional executive search companies.

We perform a totally transparent process with our clients, our fees are always fixed with no additional internal cost charged to our clients and we share the risk of potential failure with our customers, invoicing the larger portion of the fee after the successful candidate is hired.

Constellation partners are involved at all stages of the search process, using modern technology tools in order to shorten the time that is necessary for finding qualified candidates.

Constellation Search Process
  1. Pre-Search Meeting and Position Analysis
    We begin every engagement by meeting with you personally to thoroughly understand the requirements of the position, your corporate environment and the unique personal characteristics you require in your staff.
  2. Research
    Upon your approval of our proposal, we immediately begin research to determine current information about your industry and those companies which are most likely to employ the best candidates. We rarely use advertising or job postings to identify candidates since our research is based upon our client's requirements, not the availability of candidates. In addition, confidentiality is assumed to be an absolute requirement.
  3. Sourcing
    We identify potential candidates through a wide variety of sources including industry experts and senior business leaders. Traditional business sources, databases, and Internet resources are also used to enhance our insight into targeted industries and companies. Our goal is to identify potential candidates based upon their reputation, not their availability. We approach candidates directly by telephone to assess their fit with our client's requirements and to determine their potential interest in career change.
  4. Candidate Interviews and Evaluation
    We interview each targeted candidate using your criteria. Interviews are conducted in person and those who successfully complete this in-depth evaluation are presented to you in a detailed report.
  5. Reference Checking
    After evaluation and personal interviews, we thoroughly discuss the performance and characteristics of finalist candidates with their former employers and colleagues The results of these evaluations are provided to you in confidence. We truly believe that gathering references is one of the most important part sof the search process.
  6. Final Hiring
    We assist and advise you in all matters of final recruiting and salary negotiations appropriate for your candidate of choice.
  7. On-Going Follow-up
    In order to assure a smooth transition, we remain in contact with you and your new employee during the first year of employment in order to resolve any issue which may arise. We also keep a large network of independent executive coaches and we can offer you a unique service combining executive search with coaching the senior manager newly hired by you.
If you are interested in this service, please contact us at: search@constellation.cz.