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Executive search firms benefit from hiring boost

The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) conducts quarterly research using a consistent sample of AESC member search firms representing the activity of 1,300 search firms.

Using year-on-year figures, The Executive Search Industry Report revealed that during Q3 2010 revenues and searches increased by 32% and 18% respectively. Compared to Q2 2010 statisitcs, searches fell by 5.3% but revenues continued to increase by 2.4%. AESC have taken this trend to mean that executive search firms are working on a higher level of search assignment to position leaders at the very top of organisations.

Peter Felix, President, AESC, says: “The fact that revenues are on the increase confirms what we have detected over the past several years that executive search firms are being retained to handle the most senior level of executive need alongside increasing demand for broader consulting leadership services.”

He continues: “The challenges faced by many organisations today focus on finding those critical leaders who will guide and transform companies and industries over the next decade. These tasks are best performed by highly qualified consultants able to bring their broad perspective of talent and markets to bear on resolving client challenges. I am convinced that retained executive search consulting will continue to be in high demand as the world economy recovers its former strength.”

Executive Grapevine, Dec.9, 2010